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Cockroaches are a common pest in Carrollton, Texas. We can help you either get rid of cockroaches or prevent future infestations in your home; or both! The two types of roaches that live in the local area are the American Cockroach and the German Cockroach.

The American Cockroach

The American Cockroach typically lives outdoors in wood piles or in hollow trees. You might have a hollow tree nearby and not even know it is currently housing a cockroach nest. When a cockroach nest grows so big that they more food and water is required, the roaches will go off in search of it. Unfortunately, they often find it inside a nearby home or building. Most times you will not see American cockroaches during the daytime or when a light is on in a room because they scavenge at night. If you do see them running around during daylight hours or when you flip the light switch on, it is because they are overpopulated and you have a very large infestation.


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German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are small roaches. They’re typically about a half-inch in length, and the adults have wings. If you notice one of these cockroaches in your home, you should call us immediately because of how fast they reproduce. Once they’re in your home, German cockroaches can lay egg capsules, which hatch in about three days after being laid. Each capsule contains about 30 to 40 eggs. Within just a few days of cockroaches being in your home you can have an infestation of up to a hundred cockroaches. German cockroaches are active at night, and are afraid of the light. They are often found in kitchens and bathrooms because they look for a source of food, moisture and warmth. Other common areas these cockroaches are found include attics, crawl spaces, and garbage areas. The German cockroach has also become more resistant to over-the-counter insecticides over recent years. This is another reason why it’s important that you call us at the first sign of these pests in your home and don’t try to get rid of them yourself.

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It is best to get cockroaches taken care of as fast as possible. They can be dangerous to have in your home due to the various diseases that they carry. We care about the safety of your family, pets, and home. If you suspect cockroaches, please be sure to call (972) 325-0760, and we’ll send out our Carrollton exterminators immediately.

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