Rodents, like mice and rats, are social creatures. They tend to get lonely without companionship. Once rodents find a good source of food, warmth, and security, just like your home, they’ll bring their entire family and start adding to it. Rats & Mice in Carrollton, TX Not only are most people disgusted by the thought… Read More

If you’ve been in Carrollton, or any other city in Texas, then you know that cockroaches aren’t uncommon here. While you may have to deal with them outside in public, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for them coming into your home. First, let’s go over the two distinct types of cockroaches you’ll… Read More

Spiders are common in almost all of the United States, and many species live in the Carrollton, TX area, some posing serious health risks when they come in contact with humans. Treating for Spiders in Carrollton Some people want to get rid of these in their home because they hate the thought of spiders in their place… Read More