Carrollton Termite ControlDo you have a termite problem? We offer some of best Carrollton termite control and termite treatment in the area.  No matter how, when or where you home is constructed, you can be the victim of termites. Did you know that each year, termites cause over $2 billion in damage by chomping away at homes? Termites are skilled at keeping their presence a secret and you may not even realize that termites have invaded your home until it is too late. As shown in the picture below, termites can do significant damage if undetected. Let us handle your Carrollton termite problems.

A termite infestation begins with a reproductive pair selecting your home as a suitable place to live and mate. They’ll bore into wood or soil and begin mating. They produce offspring quickly, and this offspring is trained to feed them. They’ll produce workers, which hunt for forage for food and build the tunnels, and soldiers, which defend the colony from attack. Termites feed on the cellulose of wood, which is a source of simple sugars.

Termites are able to squeeze through the smallest cracks in your house. Once they’re in, they’ll start to eat away and can cause silent damage. There are a number of things we can do to prevent termites from ever entering your home, such as drilling slab joints between slabs and placing chemical barriers around your foundation.

If you suspect termites in your home or business for any reason, you should call one of our Carrollton termite professionals immediately at (214) 390-2410. These termites may be causing serious damage to the structure of your home. Proper termite extermination is best left to the professionals. While some pest problems can be handled on a do-it-yourself basis, Termites are not one of those problems. Contact Pest Control Carrollton today to ensure that our Carrollton termite exterminators are working to prevent serious damage to your home.


Carrollton Termite Control

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