We’d love to welcome you to Pest Control Carrollton. Our Carrollton exterminators are among the most highly trained pest and rodent control technicians in Carrollton, Texas and the Fort Worth area. Just ask your friends which pest control company in Carrollton they recommend and there is a great chance they’ll say us!

Carrollton Pest ControlOf course there isn’t a single person who likes it when pests or rodents invade their home. It seems that, no matter how clean and protected you keep your house, the pests will always find a way into your home. The sad news is: At some point, we all have a deal with rats in the attic or garage or spiders our house.  Fortunately, we’re here to help when these problems arise.

We have Carrollton pest control specialists who take their craft very seriously. Our pest technicians attend industry conferences and stay up to date on the latest methods for treating pests in your home. Best Carrollton Pest Control only uses the latest technology when it comes to protecting your family and pets. Not only can we deal with pest issues as they arise, but we can prevent you from ever having to dealing with them. Ask us about our quarterly pest options where you pay a flat yearly fee and we protect your home for the entire year.

We also have expert commercial Carrollton pest control technicians on staff. Our commercial experts and Carrollton exterminators will solve your pest or rodent problem without disturbing the functioning of your business. Our experts use the latest in commercial pest control technology to keep your employees and customers safe. We will be sure that any disturbances or downtime is minimized so that your business doesn’t suffer. Whether you have fruit flies in the break room or rats in the storage area, we’re here to help.

Whether you have a current problem or simply have a question, give Pest Control Carrollton a call at (214) 390-2410 and we’ll be more than glad to assist you.